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In 1999 the Inter-Department Centre for Jewish Studies (IDCJS) was established by the EUSP in association with the Jewish Heritage Centre «Petersburg Judaica» (PJ). The PJ is a teaching, research, and exhibition centre involved in Jewish studies and presentation of cultural heritage of the Russian Jews to the academic community and general public. Over the years, the PJ has issued 10 books and organized 29 exhibitions.

Among them:

• 2004 – now Research and exhibition project «Photo-Archive of An-sky’s expedition, 1912–1914» (PJ and IDCJS)

• 2006 – now Research and exhibition project «Museum of the Jewish Oral History» (PJ and IDCJS)

In this jointed projects we involve students studying at IDCJS educational programs:

• 1999–2003 Several courses of lectures on Jewish studies within the framework of EUSP educational program «Open Graduate Courses» (IDCJS and PJ)